Winning the Lottery!!!

This has been a favourite pastime of mine for some time now. Well to be exact its at least 15 years since it began back in November of 1994. During that time, of course, I always dreamed of winning big. I played maybe once a week and also enlisted other people to play as well (Brother, Mother etc..) Now and again I won £10 but I never really realised the big win I always dreamed about. Well… except for one time when I almost came close after getting 5 of the 6 numbers.

This was back in 1998 and I had been playing with 3 numbers from my brother and 3 from myself. I did this for 3 separate lines and got 5 numbers in the first line and 3 in the second. So I guess you could say I won twice!!!

At the time it was very daunting as I didn’t quite know what to do. When I checked it at first I thought oh I missed the first number then I saw that I had gotten all the others!!! Oh well, I thought, lets see what I’ve won then. As it turned out I had won just £1500 which is about standard for 5 numbers. I had to go direct to the National Lottery office in Trafalgar square since all the retailers or post officers, at that time, didn’t or were not set up to pay big amounts. Anyway, after making some enquiries I found the place, went there  and was printed a cheque for the full amount.

OK, Well that was over 12 years ago. To this day I have never been able to repeat that success even though I once got 4 numbers and have gotten the odd £10 over the years. So I have always remained intrigued about how I could eventually “crack” this.

Fast forward to 6th March 2010. when an interesting event  happened to me…

Two of my previous blogs:  Money is the divine path to God and Money is the root of all Evil which serve to analyse  my past and present relationships to money, wealth and abundance provided valuable insight into some of the possible limiting beliefs I held which might be holding me back in relation to my winning or owning lots of money. I also listened and took to “heart” many of the things mentioned in the Bashar video about choosing or picking numbers which you then shift your reality to a version where they are the winning numbers. Previously, I had almost always focused on trying to pick, what I perceived to be, “the winning numbers”.

I decided to check the 2 lines of numbers I had from a previous Saturdays draw to see if they had come up in the past. To my surprise I found that they had won at least 3 times before going back to October 2009 (3 or 4 numbers came up) Hmm… I thought.  Maybe I should play these numbers for the next few weeks and see what happens? Well that was on the Monday 1/03/2010.


My winning numbers!


The very following Saturday I had 4 of my numbers plus the bonus ball come up!!! 27, 28,34, 42, (43) When I was checking my ticket on the Sunday I noticed I had 1…2…3…4…then the bonus and when I looked again for the 6th number for a split second I saw 6 and 13. I looked again for my own number 36 and realised my reality could have just so easily have switched between the two!!! In fact it did! because the remaining numbers where just that 6 and 13. The significance of 13 being, which is the thirteenth step, the number responsible for change!!! WOW….

In that fleeting moment I realised how infinitesimal the change would have been from one reality to the other !!!

Anyway. ..I will continue to play these numbers which I have decided are true for Saturday and now have a set of alternative numbers: 21, 24, 29, 34, 41, 43 which I use for Wednesday.

Watch this space…..!!!!

Lottery tick win for Wednesday 7/7/2010


The wins just keep continuing I got 26, 33, 43 and 27….!!! But the big one still continues to elude me why?


My latest win. Four straight numbers including the bonus. I believe its simply a matter of time now…The frequency is beginning to increase!!!


This is gonna happen today soon! Incidentally. Saturday’s two lines both yielded wins 4 and 3 numbers respectively too! In fact when I looked at all 3 lines. I realised I had the winning 6 (5+bonus) numbers required drawn from those 18 numbers:  (27, 28, 34, 36, 42, 43), (18, 26, 27, 33, 34, 43) and (21, 24, 29, 34, 41, 43) This has never happened before so it has got to mean something! (34, 41, 43, 42, 18, <33>)


Check out Bashar’s audio explaination here on Winning the Lottery


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sagat says:

    Wow! 5 numbers out of 6 is actually statistically very rare, so you should feel fortunate that you experienced something that the vast majority of players will never have happen to them.

    It’s too bad that the payout is so small in the UK. Here in the States, we have the Powerball, which pays a minimum of 200K for 5 of 6 numbers, but it gets better. They roll a seventh ball which acts as a multiplier and can be a number from 2 to 10. If you get 10, that 200k turns into 2 million. Imagine if that was you! Most people dream of just reaching 5 numbers just for a chance at that and you got that far.

    Then of course, if you get all 6 numbers for the Powerball the payout can be into the hundreds of millions. There was a man recently that won over 300 million dollars. Good luck with your playing!

  2. Kwamla says:

    Thanks for your comments Sagat Much appreciated!!!

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